A Letter To My First Born On Her Birthday...

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My dearest J,
You are SIX years old today! How did that happen? Where did the time go? I remember snuggling you as a newborn and just being so amazed by your tiny little fingers, and big beautiful eyes. You were my first born, the amazing little girl that made me a mother. I was so not prepared for that! Over the years, you have been the one that has paved the way for this journey. For each thing I have taught you, you have taught me twice as much. Forever changing who I am as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.
I remember feeling like a house the day we went to the hospital to be induced. No seriously, I was massive! You were super comfy and had decided to stay in there forever. I was so ready to meet you, but I was also so scared. I was worried that I would not be a good enough mother. That somehow, I would “mess” you up. Or even worse, that you would hate me. Yes, I know that sounds silly,…

Bonus Moms...

Growing up, I was blessed to have several “bonus” moms in my life. These ladies were the friends of my own amazing mother. They each played their part in making me into the woman I am today. Some of them were only there for a short time, some a little longer. But they all taught me valuable life lessons. Things like; “You should only buy white bathroom towels. They won’t get stained, because you can bleach them.” They wiped my tears, calmed my fears, and filled that role anytime they were asked.
Now that I have kids of my own; I have learned just how vital these bonus moms are in this journey of motherhood. Throughout my journey, my children have had many bonus moms. Due to the crazy chaos that is our lives, I have relied on these ladies more times than I can even count. At times, I am pretty sure my oldest spent more time with her bonus moms than she did me. Usually, because my youngest was in the hospital. These ladies stepped up to fill that void anytime they were asked without a…


Starting a blog was never really on my short list of things I wanted to accomplish. I won't lie, it crossed my mind from time to time. Usually, after another friend had started one, or made an inspiring post on social media. Even after my article posted yesterday, I was still very unsure whether or not I wanted to attempt this. Ultimately, I decided I want to be able to get everything into one spot, to help others, and more importantly be honest. Honest about life, mental health, motherhood, special needs, friends, marriage, and everything in between. Everything that we as women encounter daily, and usually fail at sharing honestly. Because we are too afraid of what those around us may think.
I spent so many of my younger years attempting to conform to everyone around me. Trying to be just like them or anticipate their wants and needs so they would like me. To call me a people pleaser, is probably the understatement of a lifetime.  I still struggle with wanting everyone to like m…
A Letter From A Special Needs Mom To Stay Bad-Ass!

From One Special Needs Mom to Another,
First off let me start by telling you, that you are a Bad-ass! Yes, I’m talking to you. I know you probably just rolled your eyes or brushed off that compliment. I know I used to, every time someone gave me a compliment. I surely didn’t feel like a bad-ass. Or my favorite one, “So Strong!” *puke face*. I didn’t feel bad-ass or strong, I still don’t most days. I felt like I was drowning and couldn’t find my way up. But I’m serious, if you take nothing else from the rest of this word vomit, please take away and tell yourself daily that YOU ARE A BAD-ASS! Especially on the days when it feels like your whole word is crashing and you just feel like a complete failure. 
One of my biggest struggles with joining this “tribe” was the fact that I never felt like enough. I felt as though I had to be perfect and positive all time. Whether it was around friends, family, therapists, or even the doctors (ESPECI…